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OME and Auckland Council are working together on a weed amnesty initiative to help rid the dunes and gardens of Medlands of some of the most pesky pest plant invaders. There is a list of weeds accepted and a bin will be provided for one day only for disposal, free of charge. To thank everyone for their efforts we will put on a sausage sizzle at the end of the day. Please see our Facebook page closer to the time, or email us for more information.

  • Date: 27/01/2024 09:00 AM
  • Location 562 Medland Road, Great Barrier Island / Aotea, New Zealand (Map)
  • More Info: OME Eco-Hub


Please see images for accepted plants and methods of removal.

In addition Auckland Council have a list of Low Incidence Pest Plants. If you notify them that you have any of these plants on your property they will come and remove them for you and dispose of them safely free of charge.